Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm starting a new Women's Lib movement!

I've decided that it's way past time to start a new women's movement. I was thinking about this last night when the news was on and I suddenly heard a story about a woman (some kind of star I think) who people were all upset at because she said women needed to submit to their husbands. I had to laugh then because that showed me I wasn't alone. There are other women who believe God's Word. So let's start our own "Women's Lib" movement!

Here's what our Women's Lib movement will be standing up for:

1. We want the right to be wives and mothers without having others looks down on us or ridicule us.

2. We want the right to have husbands who:
  • love the Lord and aren't ashamed of letting the whole world know that they do.
  • aren't afraid to cherish us and aren't ashamed of letting the world know they do.
  • are intelligent, who want and accept our ideas and opinions but are not afraid to be the head of our family and make the final decisions.
  • aren't afraid to be the man God made them to be; who want to protect us and provide for us as God intended.
  • aren't afraid to treat us with gentle respect and open doors for us, carry things for us, stand when we rise, assist us when we want to cross the street, or any of the other many ways that true godly men showed respect for women in the past.
  • knows the Lord and wants to help and guide us into an ever closer relationship with Him; who's greatest desire is to see us become more and more like Christ, every day until we are perfectly conformed to Him at last.
  • submits Himself to Christ, endeavoring to obey Him in all things
  • are involved with their children, teaching them to know the Lord and His ways.
3. We want the right to submit to our husbands, as we endeavor to obey our Lord in all things, recognizing that this is for our good and has nothing to do with "equality".

4. We want the right to have as many children as we want and the Lord feels pleased to grant us without being ridiculed for it

5. We want the right to stay at home and take care of our husbands and children the way the Lord intended without being ridiculed or put down for it.

7. We want others to acknowledge that
  • there is no harder job then raising children, whether you have one child or 10.
  • and no job in this world that's more important then raising children.
  • there is no job more fulfilling or more noble then being a wife and mother.
  • There is no higher position that any woman could possibly want or have then that of being a wife and mother.
8. We want the right to dress modestly without having others laugh at us or ridicule us.

9. We want the right to have the beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit that leads by example.

10. We want the right to raise our children the way we see fit, without government -town, city, state, or federal - interference, including homeschooling them if that's our desire.

That should be enough to get us started...what do you think? Anyone want to join me? What should we call our Women's Lib movement? What else should we add to our list?

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